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May 2 - August 30, 2018


Enroll in e-NEWA for Grapes

May 2 - August 30, 2018

With the cost of inputs continuing to rise, wouldn't it be nice if you could get a daily reminder of the current weather and grape disease and insect model information found on NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Applications) If so, then eNEWA is for you. eNEWA is a daily email that contains current weather and grape pest model information from a station, or stations, near you. The email will contain; 1) high, low and average temperature, rainfall, wind speed and relative humidity 2) the 5-day forecast for these weather parameters, 3) GDD totals (Base 50F), 4) 5-day GDD (Base 50F) forecast and 5) model results for powdery mildew, black rot, Phomopsis and grape berry moth. The weather information is provided for not only the current day but for the past two days as well. eNEWA is a great way to get an idea of pest potentials for your vineyard operation without having to click around the NEWA website. eNEWA is not meant to be a replacement for the website, rather it is a quick and easy way to determine if a visit to the website is warranted to provide information specific to your site to increase the accuracy of the output of the disease and grape berry moth models. When you sign up for eNEWA, you can choose from any number of stations located near you for delivery of this information via email each day at a time specified by you. Please keep in mind that you will receive a separate email (approximately 3 pages in length) for each station you choose. Once during the growing season and again after harvest, you will be asked to complete a short survey to assist us in improving the eNEWA for grapes email system. If you would like to be a part of this project just fill out the form found in this Crop Update and return to: or send to me at Tim Weigle, LERGP 6592 West Main Road Portland, NY 14769.

Enrollment form (PDF; 11KB)

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Enroll in e-NEWA for Grapes

May 2 - August 30, 2018

Enroll to receive a daily reminder of the Pest Potential in your Vineyard Operation
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