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FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendations for 5 Insecticides for Spotted Lanternfly in NY

Tim Weigle, Team Leader, Statewide Grape IPM Specialist
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

October 18, 2018
FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendations for 5 Insecticides for Spotted Lanternfly in NY

Using efficacy data developed by Dr. Dave Biddinger, Tree Fruit Entomologist with Penn State University, Dr. Greg Loeb, Professor of Entomology, Cornell University, applied for, and received, FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendations for five insecticides to include Spotted Lanternfly on their grape label.  The materials are Actara Insecticide, Brigade WSB Insecticide/Miticide, Drexel Carbaryl 4L Insecticide, Danitol 2.4 EC Spray, and Mustang Maxx Insecticide.

The FIFRA 2(ee) recommendation allows the use of these materials against all life stages of spotted lanternfly but the insecticide must be used in a manner consistent with its labeling.   The application rate for each product is on the FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendation.  Users must have a copy of the product label AND the FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendation in their possession at the time of the pesticide application.  Seasonal use limits found on the label are still in force and do not change with the addition of this pest to the label. 

Copies of the FIFRA 2(ee) recommendations can be found on the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program homepage at

For growers in Pennsylvania - there is no need for a FIFRA 2922) recommendation for insecticides that are labeled for use in grapes.  In Pennsylvania, the pest does not need to be on the label, only the target - in this case, grapes. 

Continue to monitor for spotted lanternfly adults and egg masses at this time.  

FIFRA 2EE-Actara (pdf; 63KB)

FIFRA 2EE-Brigade (pdf; 63KB)

FIFRA 2EE-Danitol (pdf; 66KB)

FIFRA 2EE-Drexel Carbaryl (pdf; 63KB)

FIFRA 2EE-Mustang Maxx (pdf; 63KB)

Spotted Lantern Fly Fact sheet (pdf; 399KB)

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Variable rate fruit thinning video on MyEV

Assess Your Freeze Damage

Assess Your Freeze Damage with a MyEV data Collector- By Terry Bates

Freeze damage across eastern U.S. vineyards was highly variable this week depending on the stage of bud development, air temperatures, and vineyard location. Assessing bud damage over the next two weeks will help growers determine the size and variation in crop potential, adjust management practices, and record damage for crop insurance. In this video, Terry Bates shows you how to set up and use a MyEV data collector and a smartphone to collect and map freeze damage observations in your vineyard.

Recorded Coffee Pot Meetings

You may not be able to obtain Pesticide License Recertification points but you can gain plenty of valuable information by watching the coffee pot meetings if you missed them! We have had some special guest speakers sharing valuable information with us!

Click the link below for access to all of the recorded LERGP Coffee Pot Meetings!

Recorded LERGP Coffee Pot Meetings

Hand sanitizer and Masks Still Available

Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks Still Available

It's not too late! If you haven't picked up your free NYS Clean hand sanitizer and washable Hanes masks, you still can. All farms in New York are eligible to request supplies. Click on this link to make the request. We will set up a time for you to come pick up the supplies at CLEREL in Portland.

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Loaner Sensor Program

The loaner sensor program will not be available this growing season in light of the COVID -19 protocols.  We offer our sincere apologies

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