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Grape - Fall Content


Seasonal Primer for Grape Production

Edith Byrne, Association Program Educator I
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

March 14, 2013
Seasonal Primer for Grape Production

Winter - What to be doing:
Spring - What to be doing:Summer - What to be doing:
  • Roots - add nitrogen to the soil by mid-June; preferably 2 weeks prior to bloom (up to 25 lbs actual N) and 2 weeks post bloom (up to 25 lbs actual N)
  • Leaves and fruiting zone - scout and spray for:
         Powdery mildew  |  Downy mildew  |  Phomopsis  |  Black Rot
Fall - What to be doing:
  • Prepare harvest equipment/Make harvesting arrangements (if you pay someone to pick for you)
  • Clean and prep bins and lids
  • Soil testing - usually a good time to do so after harvest and before the ground freezes to prepare for next year's fertilizer needs

    Watch Soil Testing Video

Upcoming Events

2024 LERGP Spray Program

Event Offers DEC Credits

December 5, 2023

2024 LERGP Spray Program


Commercial Vehicle Awareness slide presentation

NYS Trooper, Matt Luft, presented on Commercial Vehicle Awareness at CLEREL on Thursday, August 2nd.  He has given us the permission to share his slides for you to reference at your convenience to share with others or to review. Please reference this link. 

Straight Talk: Is H-2A Working Out in the Vineyard

Check out the story below.  Our local grower Andy Knight is one of the 3 growers interviewed.

Spotted Lanternfly Public Service Announcement

Please take a look at this PSA on YouTube.  It is narrated by our very own Jennifer Phillips Russo.
If you see a Spotted Lanternfly:
1-Take a photo
2-Collect it
3-Squish it
4-Report it

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