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Business Management

Business ManagementThe Lake Erie Regional Grape Program is designed to serve the needs of regional growers and wineries. Long term trends in bulk juice production has held steady in the region for decades. Most profit growth requires improvements in production and management efficiency. Specialty wine production have seen steady growth for the past decade. Bulk wine production is a market that continues to shift and evolve with consumer preferences. With those realities in mind we strive to give growers the tools to improve their generational sustainability and fiscal health.

Relevant Event

NDVI Sensor Scan

July 10 - August 26, 2014

Most Recent Business Management Summer Content

Partnership Agreement

Kevin Martin, Extension Educator, Business Management
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

Last Modified: March 6, 2014

A partnership is quickly becoming an underrated business organization.  The LLC is not without its advantages, but take a look at this partnership agreement for some ideas.  It provides a good place to start for growers with multiple generations and less than 200 acres.

Beta Testing of eNEWA for Grapes

Tim Weigle, Team Leader, Statewide Grape IPM Specialist
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

Last Modified: February 10, 2014
Beta Testing of eNEWA for Grapes

Would you like to see the current weather and grape pest information found on NEWA without having to click through the website? Then eNEWA is for you. eNEWA is a daily email that contains current weather and pest model information from a station, or stations, near you. The email will contain; 1) high, low and average temperature, rainfall, wind speed and relative humidity 2) the 5-day forecast for these weather parameters, 3) GDD totals (Base 50F), 4) 5-day GDD (Base 50F) forecast and 5) model results for powdery mildew, black rot, Phomopsis and grape berry moth. The weather information is provided for not only the current day but for the past two days as well.

Farm Cost Survey

Kevin Martin, Extension Educator, Business Management
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

Last Modified: April 5, 2013
Farm Cost Survey

Help me help you. Growers are always concerned about input costs.  A baseline for the total cost of production is an important tool in developing benchmarks for individual practices.  Knowing how your management deviates from average, for better or worse, may help facilitate a conversation about organizational goals.  Complete the farm cost survey and we'll have results to you as soon as possible.  Once we have enough growers to eliminate privacy concerns, results will be posted to the website live. 

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Upcoming Events

NDVI Sensor Scan

July 10 - August 26, 2014

Vine size plays an essential role in maximizing vineyard efficiency. Mapping a relative approximation of vine size offers the potential of improved average vine size through decreased variability.With NDVI research in its 5th year, we're confident with a little help from you we can make this technology commercially viable. Moving beyond block management and managing vine size within blocks can improve sampling, identify and quantify viticultural challenges, and even change management strategies. The first step is familiarizing yourself with your blocks and the identifying long-term vine size patterns. Please register for this event, we can provide the technology to do just that.
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Thompson Ag Pig Roast and Twilight Meeting

August 20, 2014
Silver Creek, NY

Come enjoy an evening of vineyard information and good food. The program is offered by LERGP, followed by the Thompson Ag Annual Pig Roast.
Please RSVP by calling Donna Merritt at 934-3808 between 8am and Noon.

Don't forget to bring a chair!

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Lake Erie Grapes in the News

The recent below zero temperatures we have across the Lake Erie grape belt has brought a renewed interest to grape production in the area, especially the impact on the cold sensitive wine varieties. Use the station links below to see the LERGP's Luke Haggerty discussing the cold temperatures effects on bud mortality across the region with reporters from Channel 4 and Channel 7 in Buffalo, NY.

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