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Business Management

Business ManagementThe Lake Erie Regional Grape Program is designed to serve the needs of regional growers and wineries. Long term trends in bulk juice production has held steady in the region for decades. Most profit growth requires improvements in production and management efficiency. Specialty wine production have seen steady growth for the past decade. Bulk wine production is a market that continues to shift and evolve with consumer preferences. With those realities in mind we strive to give growers the tools to improve their generational sustainability and fiscal health.

Most Recent Business Management Summer Content

Nitrogen Worksheet

Kevin Martin, Extension Educator, Business Management
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

Last Modified: June 4, 2015

Partnership Agreement

Kevin Martin, Extension Educator, Business Management
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

Last Modified: March 6, 2014

A partnership is quickly becoming an underrated business organization.  The LLC is not without its advantages, but take a look at this partnership agreement for some ideas.  It provides a good place to start for growers with multiple generations and less than 200 acres.

Beta Testing of eNEWA for Grapes

Tim Weigle, Team Leader, Statewide Grape IPM Specialist
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

Last Modified: February 10, 2014
Beta Testing of eNEWA for Grapes

Would you like to see the current weather and grape pest information found on NEWA without having to click through the website? Then eNEWA is for you. eNEWA is a daily email that contains current weather and pest model information from a station, or stations, near you. The email will contain; 1) high, low and average temperature, rainfall, wind speed and relative humidity 2) the 5-day forecast for these weather parameters, 3) GDD totals (Base 50F), 4) 5-day GDD (Base 50F) forecast and 5) model results for powdery mildew, black rot, Phomopsis and grape berry moth. The weather information is provided for not only the current day but for the past two days as well.

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Upcoming Events

Cover Crop Workshop and Field Day

September 1, 2016
Portland, NY

Join the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program for a full day of education surrounding cover crops in Concord vineyards.
• Current research
• Leading scientists in cover crop research
• Tour demonstration plots
• Hear local growers sharing their experience
Fee $10; includes morning refreshments and lunch
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Cover Crop Workshop Registration is OPEN!

It is inevitable that portions of our area landscape changes. However, some Concord vineyards have been for over one hundred years. As a perennial crop, there are limited changes to the layout of our grape vineyards. With an intense regiment of management practices calls for various farm equipment to be driven up and down the grape rows multiple times a year. Over time, this has led to a range of soil health problems. To combat these problems, area grape growers are turning to cover crops to improve the soil in their vineyards.  
As this the use in cover crops grows in popularity, many growers turn to the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program (LERGP) for recommendations on what to plant. Recognizing the need for research-based cover crop recommendations, LERGP applied for, and was awarded, a grant from the New York Farm Viability Institute. The funding has been used to measure how different cover crop mixes affect soil health and to sponsor a conference to educate interested grape growers.  Although the concept of cover crops in vineyards is not new the idea of planting multiple species in a mix reared to a targeted outcome is. To address the many questions LERGP is hosting a “Cover Cropping in Concord Vineyards” conference September 1st. Conference participants will have the opportunity to learn about cover crops in a classroom setting and a chance to see test plots out in the field located at the Cornell Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory in Portland, NY.  
The September 1st conference starts at 9 AM and will run until 4 PM. The CLEREL meeting facilities, 6592 West Main Road, Portland, NY 14769 will be used for the classroom portion of the program. Registration is $10 to cover refreshments and lunch. To register for the conference, please contact Kate at (716) 792-2800 or visit the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program website at 

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